Friday, April 30, 2010

3 Satyrs

The problem with liking what you do at work, is that you can do it all day and not get bored or sick of it, then you have been working all day and not realize it. Which would probably be fine if you worked in a job that payed you hourly but I do not. I just worked from 9am to 9pm now and will only be paid 8 hours of that time. Boo!

Oh well, it was fun. I learned new tricks with Indesign. And that is always fun.

But when I am not working (although it seems like I am always working) I have been drawing this...

This picture is getting me thinking about doing a Satyr and Faerie party.

Do you think the guys will dress up like this?

I doubt it. But it would be fun.

The original is actually 10 feet x 10 feet. It's huge, so if I do a party I could have this printed out and be a wall. lol

Hope you like it, and don't use it without permission la la la.



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