Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw

For those of you who don’t know who Carrie Bradshaw is, she is the fabulous woman on Sex and the City played by ms Sarah Jessica Parker. She is a Columnist for a news paper in New York City and the show is about her and her articles… she writes them on her laptop in her house sometimes on her be, which is where I am writing this Blog.

I am brilliant. Because I normally don’t have the will to sit in the Café to type these out there, I will do it here, hopefully every night, but no promises, and then when I am in the Café for whatever reason I can post them later. Technology is perfect.

I love pre season Omega, because there is no one here. You can be out in the middle of nowhere. You start to reflect a lot about things and really get to know yourself and the few people that you are here with.

I hate pre season Omega, because there is nothing to do. There isn't anything fun like Movies, Clubs or anything that normal City Dwellers do on their nights.

But it the love really outweighs the hate. I enjoy being alone once in a while. That is something that I haven’t had for 3 months. Everywhere I went there was someone else there. So now I am alone and now I can’t figure out what I wanted to do alone that was so darn important… isn’t it Ironic… don’t you think… a little too Ironic… and yeah I really do think… hehe Alanis Humor

I just watched the last of Sex and the City and loved every minute of it… except the part where the Credits role. I hate it when the journey is over. And it always happens. We always get to the end. Why are we in such a hurry to do that?

I think that is why we are here on this earth… it’s a journey. We are here to have experience. We are here to laugh and to cry to find out what it’s like to have Sex in the city. To find out what it is like to have Cancer. To find out what it is like to have a Child. To find out what it is like to Love.

This season I haven’t set any goals or intentions for what I want out of it. I haven’t said … “this season I want…” I think now is a good time.

1. This season I want to loose 45 lbs. I will then be down to 200 lbs. and then no longer overweight, according to the heart Association.

2. This season I want to go on a Date. Not a date with someone I don’t find attractive, but a date date. I realize that it has been over a year since my last date, and that was my first date.

3. This season I want to Dance. I want to take 3 Dance classes a week. I find Dance to be a wonderful release and exercise. And I love it soooo much.

4. This season I want to have a plan for what my next step in life is, weather that be right after this season or in 3 seasons, I want to have a Goal to shoot for.

Well I think that will do for now… I can always change them or add or subtract some when ever I want to.

Will you help me keep track of them… of coarse you will

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mommy where does IKEA come from

Well I am here.

I am back at Omega and enjoying my first day of "Work".

Actually I am sitting in the Cafe' waiting for there to be something to do... hopefully we will have a "briefing" soon and we can get started. People here either stay the same or change... funny how that happens. It's fun to see people that I havent seen for all winter. it's great that people are here and happy. it's exactly what I needed. especially the people who came and are skinny. it really inspires me to change. I think that by the end of this summer I will loose alot of weight. I WILL be loosing weight.

NE way... the trip was pleasant... the flight was fun, all except the part where you wait for four hours for the stupid Dumb asses in the front of the plane to take their coat off their arm and put it into their carry on getting on the plane then watching them tgake it out of their carry on and put it back on their arm when we get off. All of which they are making half the plane wait for forty five minutes so they caan do this crazy act.

When we got into NYC we didn't have much to do, Carol cant really walk around very much and so we stayed close to times square. Her driveing got a little intense, but its all good I put a barrier around the car so we never got a scratch.

The plan was to go to Avenue Q and then go out to dinner afterwards with people we know from there. but the show was sold out and we were really tired so we wound up leaving at around 1 or 2 pm to New Jersey. there we pretty much called it an early night sleeping at around 8 or 9 pm and not waking up until around 8 or 9 the next morning. We then decided to goto IKEA and shop for a little bit... I cannot believe that store. I am in heaven there. It has absolutely everything you could possibly want or need in a furniture store and then some. It's crazy.

Then we went to Sushi @ my favorite place in Red hook, and then came to Omega where we picked out our rooms and set up the fort.

last night I went to bed with a huge head ache that I think was due to sugar addiction withdrawels, coupled with the fact that I didn't get any excercise for 3 whole days, not that I do much any way but I hardly moved in the airplane and the car. thank heaven I had some asprin or I wouldn't have gotten any sleep.

NE way...

I am here. I have finished my first days work, and I am exhausted and now am probably going to go to my room and veg for a while, maybe make it a little more homey.

NE way

love you all... and Ikea too
mr dlb style