Saturday, April 15, 2006

Me and my Bro.

Hey everyone... check out my new blog that my brother and I created called Insanity Ensues. So far there is 20 questions and their mates and something about a purple lace bra.

Check it out here


Sunday, April 09, 2006

We know H&M is Socially Responsible but what about Armani Exchange

Well I didn't see anything on their website about being Socially Responsible but that doesn't mean anything yet.

I wrote this letter to ask

First off I would like to state for the record that I am not a crazy activist. I will not try to ruin the Armani Label based on the information that I recieve here. I just try to be an active socially responsible consumer and want information for myself.

I would just like to know what companies makes your clothing. weather you yourself makes them or if you use another company or companies and what sort of restrictions do you employ for these companies to adhere to. I feel that you make a great product and so I am sure that they are not made in sweat shops, I just need to hear it from you directly. I was hoping that you would have a section on your website devoted to it like H&M

I would apreciate your reply

Thank you
Daniel Bunker

Think it will work?

We will see the results

H&M ·

H&M ·

WoW !!!!

This conference we also interviewed John Perkins who wrote the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. And he really got my but in gear with the whole socially conscious consumerism thing. I mean I had already stopped shopping at Walmart and I don't do Fast Food anymore but clothing has always been a sticky subject when it comes to consumer consciousness. I had heard that H&M, my favorite store, was Socially responsible, but I didn't know it for sure. Well now I know for sure that it is Social and Conscious. hehe... I can keep shopping there. now lets see if my recent purchase of Armani Exchange Jeans was as conscious. (i feel as if I am spelling conscious wrong, but I don't want to stop using it so sorry).


Wow... people do read this.

I just had a discussion about my blog with co-workers of mine. And I was worried for a second that I was talking about things in this that maybe I don't want to have people here to know. I read it over and realized that it's fine. the last post is not too crazy and even if the person I was talking about did read it I don't think that he would mind it too much. It might make things awkward at work with this person but I guess that is what feelings do sometimes, especially conflicting feelings like that. And it isn't like I will ever act on feelings like that. I can't even act on feelings when they are someone right in front of me that definately have the same feelings and are totally ready, how am I going to act when the person is completely in a different space altogether.

Lets put some Cute men on here to get our minds off of this subject.

Did it help? I feel a little better for now.

NE way...

On to different subjects.

here is the recap of my trip into NYC.

I went to Confessions of a Mormon Boy in SoHo, which was amazing! I met two people outside the TKTS stand and they actually are the ones who got it into my mind to goto this and then they were at the resteraunt that I decided to goto while I waited, they invited me over to their table and I accepted, which is something that I never do. But they were nice and the guy was cute so I said what the hell. They were plesant company and it was nice to have someone to speak to for a while. The show was great, it was amazing because it felt like my story, or what it would have been if I had made the same choices that he made. Like going on an LDS mission, getting married to a woman and having kids. It made me very happy that I didn't go through those experiences and chose to get out.

Then we interviewed some amazing people.

Like Wayne Dyer.
I used to think that he was just a really good sales man and that is why he is so famous, but it turns out that he is actually an amazing man. I mean not that making him a good sales man makes him a bad person, but he is both. A great man and a great salesman. Read his stuff if you want to know more. And no, I am not getting paid to advertise for him.

We also got to interview Byron Katie.
Whom I have always kindof had a bad taste in my mouth for. there were some people in my life who once shoved her teachings down my throat, when I was probably living her teachings better than they any day. Not that it was a competition but at the same time it was very tiresome to have someone who is not living their life the way they wanted, telling someone who was living their life the way they wanted, how to live their life. Does that make sense. But I found her to be remarkable. Actually I found her to me Awesome. You know, in the true sense of the word awesome, or something that strikes you with Awe and wonder. I hope that everyone can be in a room with someone like that. I think that she is one of my teachers. if for nothing else than her sheer presence, that is leson enough for one lifetime.

I also got to see a teacher of mine again named Martha Beck.

Whom I have grown to love through her book Expecting Adam and her work in the Joy Diet. Check it out.

What is also funny about Martha Beck is that we are from the same home town, Provo Utah. and she grew up LDS as well. I see a patern here of Provo coming up in my trip. I wonder what it means.

NE way...

This was nice and long which I haven't done in a while.

love ya
mr dlb style