Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Brief Brush with Death

We thought I had Lymes Disease.

that would have sucked a duck... I don't by the way... I mean I am going to be concious of my symptoms next time I get sick to make sure that they aren't like lymes disease but I am fairly certain that I didn't have lymes. but whatever I had I had it hard... I think that I was out of commision for around 48 hours of solid bed time. I had a fever that broke at night and I drenched my bed. But it's all gone... yeah

ne way...

things are good here at Omega land other than that.... I think that my body was just yelling at me and telling me to stop wirking so hard.

But good things came out of it... I guess you never really know how much people care about you until you come down with a life threatening illness, like twelve people cam over to my room to see how i was doing. and the only thing I could think of while they were there was "Get the Hell OUt" hehe... but I do appreciate the concern and am very glad that they came over now.

ne way...

that is all the update for today

mr dlb style