Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wow... that sucks

Well I missed my 100th post.

I was going to do something special for it but I missed it. so happy 102nd post... or is the 103?

NE way...

So I was all set to be going to the wonderful ball that is happening right now as I write in this blog, but I couldn't get a tux in time... I realize that I should own a tux, but I am a really poor boy. ne way...

just wanted to say happy 100th and it's windy

Friday, February 03, 2006

So this is how we stop war

Yeah!!! I might get to be an operative!

Mission Possible
I was just psudo invited to the Mission Possible event and they might be renting me a Tux. I am so excited I could spit... but I won't because that would be repulsive. And I think actually a sin in some states.

oohhh I just found out Katherine Heigl will be there... you know from Roswell.. and Gray's Anatomy, although I haven't seen any of Gray's Anatomy. But I just started watching roswell again on DVD. How funny is that.

I hope that I can go...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

why doesn't it look the same?

I can't figure out why my posts look different on different computers. in fact my whole blog looks different on my laptop as compared to my Work Computer. So if the pictures in my last post look a little screwy then I am sorry.

Well I am watching Roswell tonight. And it is funny how I am finally realizing why I related so much to that show. They have a secret, they are aliens. I had a secret, I am gay. They were worried about who to tell and who knows becasue they are worried that they will be killed, I was worried about who to tell for fear that my life would be destroyed.

Maybe that is why so many gay men liked comic books so much.

NE way ... enough

ne way...

Life is looking pretty good right now. I just bought tickets to Zumanity and I am sooo excited.

Ne way...

Valentines day is coming up. I need to get over my silly little inhibitions and get out there when it comes to love. I always use my nomadic lifestyle to be the excuse as to why I don't put myself out there and get dates. Like now. I say that timing is bad right now because I am leaving Utah in a month. but if that is true then why didn't I go out 2 months ago.

ne way...

I am going to go away now

I want to go...

The Kidney Foundation is planning this big Black tie event that will be happening this weekend. I want to go sooo bad. but I don't get to, that is one of the reasons I was hired is to be the "hold down the fort" person for their meetings and their planning for this event. Which is a nice role to be playing and I think that it is an honor that they trust that I can be here alone while they are all gone. But I still want to go. it sounds so glam. I mean they have a bowl of Cubit Zarconia's (is that how you spell it) With on real 4 Karat Diamond that everyone gets to reach in and grab one and if they get the diamond they get to keep it. they are auctioning off a Harley Davidson, and they are having a beautiful event and I want to go...

Oh well...

On to different topics.

So I am crazy.

I know that you all think that you know that but you don't really know the full extent of my insanity. This time it has to do with money. Yesterday I just flopped down around $50 on food for myself and to cover tip for my friend who is a cheap skate. I didn't even bat an eye to the expense of it. and if it were $100 dollars I would have still not cared at all. But when we went to a store and saw that Princess Bride was on Sale for $10 I debated as to weather or not I had the money to buy it. Of course I do damn it. I have the money to spend $100 dollars on food for myself and everyone else but not $10 dollars on a movie? I am crazy.

But I did buy it.


Also I borrowed Roswell the TV series from my friend.

Who has a Crush on Jason Behr? I have a Crush on Jason Behr.

He is ssoo lickable.

Just Look.

Don't you just want to hold him and tell him everything is going to be alright baby, soon we will be on the Home Ship where we can be ourselves and love forever...

And what is up with these pics...

Hot huh?

gotta love it...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 - 78th Annual Academy Awards - Nominee List - 78th Annual Academy Awards - Nominee List

I am sooo excited for this years acadamy awards. I think that this will put a big stick in the Right wings side. (not that I am keeping score or have anything against them... but neiner neiner neiner)

Look at all the Gay oriented or LGBT oriented films that are nominated.

Of course the big one and one of my favorites. Brokeback
Mountain. Then the ever brillian Philip Seymore Hoffman for Capote, then Transamerica.

You'll watch us America but you won't give us rights? huh!

You know I heard a really funny thing the other day... I heard that the Demographic that watches Brokeback Mountain and Queer as Folk, aren't what we would expect. I would expect Gay men. But it actually is Straight women in their Middle years. Weird huh. Also how strange that that is exactly the demographic that I get along with the absolute most. Middle aged women love me. Coincidence?


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Easy Button any one?

I wish that I have an Easy button for this webdesign stuff. I mean I am using Blogger and so that makes things pretty easy but I don't really think that I am doing things the easy way.

Like making those graphics get on the web and making them look good ... I had to create another blog that I call test blog and upload them onto there then save the address so that I can put them here on this site.

NE way...

Like the new header? it's a little less 80's than the red one.

I like it better although my original plan was better, I wanted it to span the length of the page.

oh well...

That will just have to wait until I can figure out how to mess with the formating of the columns and margins and all that fun stuff.

until then hopefully this will work.

Monday, January 30, 2006

I have a headache

Well this weekend kindof felt like a bust. I had so many plans for what I was going to do, and get all of my stuff finished. But, surprise surprise, it all fell throught the cracks.

Well I got my laundry done so that is good.

Ne way...

I have a headache so this is going to be a short one.

In fact. that Is all I have to say.
mr dlb style