Saturday, April 03, 2010

Here is my latest work.

It was specifically meant to be a desktop wallpaper.

please don't use without permission. :) and all that rot.

This one was fun because I did draw this whole thing. (well... using some photoshop tricks I have learned for the circles)

This is all thanks to one of the best gifts I have ever recieved, my bamboo drawing pad. It has changed my art forever!

Love all, and Jai Hanuman!


It's the new me!

I am going through Saturn Return!

So many changes are happening in my life that I felt like I should start blogging again.

This is nice because I never know if people are ever reading it. And frankly I don't care. It is mostly meant to be an online journal.

But I also want to make sure to put up posts of my art and get that out there.

I may be looking into an Etsy account or a Paypal account to start selling things online.

Anyway, look for stuff coming your way. (he says to the air)


mr dlb style