Thursday, November 02, 2006

Am I a looser?

Wait ... Don't answer that.

I can answer it myself.

I live in a ghost town of a trailer park in a trailer without hot water. I just took a shower in a outdoor non-heated bathouse. I am sitting alone talking to Will and Grace and Desperate Housewives because they seem to be the only things that willingly come to my house to visit. Ok, so I pay for them through netflix, but damn it I want them. I work with and will be roomates with, probably the most perfect man for me that god hath created, but wait he is straight and seriously involved with my friend who will also be living very near by so they can dangle their relationship in front of me like the carrot and the Donkey. And oh yah, one more thing, I do the job of four people and don't get paid half of what I should for just one of those jobs.

What am I doing? This is the part where I have to laugh at myself to keep from crying.

Some one please find me the perfect job and man that I can move to tomorrow and forget that I ever had this crazy existence.

Ok so my job isn't that bad. In fact it actually is quite good and I am learning alot. and my situation isn't as bad as it sounds. well... the living situation is kindof bad but will get better next week. I am just in a pitty party mood. and as there is no one here to pitty me I am searching for it on cyberspace.

Ok I am done now.

love and light.

mr dlb style