Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Hi all..

Guess what..

I am going to Utah for a week.

I am Going to go to my younger brothers Graduation. I am very excited, I cant wait to see him get out of that hell hole. I can't believe that everyone in my family will be officially out of school in one week, exactly.

I have sooo much going through my mind right now I don't know what to do...

We just got done with the Mind Matter & Time Workshop. I was very fortunate and got to record it and sit in on the whole thing. I was blown away. Some of the people that spoke to us were brilliant men. I can't believe that I got to meet all of them. The Event started off with Craig Hamilton, who works with the What is Enlightenment Magazine, who co-sponsored this thing, he wasn't all that awe inspiring but was very well researched and realy knew his stuff. He told me that it is actually a myth that we only use 10% of our brains. and he really put into perspective the whole war between science and religion. I liked how un-biased he was on the whole subject.

Then we saw Masuru Emoto's Water Crystals. If you have not heard of this yet you simply must check out his websites and seethis stuff, it is absolutely phenominal. What he does is writes words on a bottle of distilled water, lets it sit over night, then freezes it and observes the changes depending on what the words on the bottle say. You should see the difference between "I hate you/ I want to kill you" and "Thank You/ I love you". It is quite remarkable. and if it can do that to water, think of what it can do to our bodies.

Then we were graced with the presence of the remarkable Joeseph Chilton Pearce. Who I swear has flood gates to his brain that he lets loose when he is teaching and you had better have brought a big bucket to catch everything that he lets loose on you or you WILL miss alot. luckily I got a recording of it so I can review later. But one of the Highlights was the most amazing pictures of the electromagnetic pulses that emit from the heart and eencompas the body. they go in a shape called a Taros which looks like a Donut. And comes in through all parts of the body and connects back into the heart. I swear to you that that is a picture of our soul... I have seen a picture of someones soul. the most remarkable thing though is they took a picture of the Earths soul, and then also the Sun's soul and they all look very similar. What that means I still haven't dared comprehend or dwell on. I just thought it was amazing.

then we Finished off with the Notorious Dr. Quantum, Fred Alan Wolf. Who Brought all of it home when he explained the whole universe, the theory of relativity and Quantum physics in the span of 2 hours. and I understood what he was talking about. I wish you were there. It is all things that I have known before, about how there is no truth when you break everything down to the Quantum level and think about things. In fact we change absolutely everything just by thinking about it.

NE way...

If you have any questions you should look up these amazing men on their websites.

I will post the ones I know

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