Saturday, January 14, 2006

Positive Liberty » Blog Archive » About That Movie…

Positive Liberty » Blog Archive » About That Movie…

I am not sure which link will work, but I think that everyone should read this article who has already watched or will be watching soon the film Brokeback Mountain.

Click here to read the article

I like to think...

I like to think that I am learning about this blogging buisness. I mean, I am learning HTML for heavens sake. Well... ok I am actually learning how to cut and paste the HTML and recognize what does what, which is much more useful to me than learning the whole language.

I have learned how to put ads on my blog. How to put pictures on my blog. How to put links on my blog.

And now how to take Ads off. I don't like them. I used to think that they made the blog look profesional and neat, but now I see that they just make it look dumpy and comercial. I want more of a personal feel and comfortable. So I will try without the Ads.

Also I am playing around with the title. and the description. I don't really like it yet, it isn't catchy. I feel that if I were to go to this blog for the first time and see this it wouldn't catch my eye.

NE way

Check back for updates and always feel free to give me your opinion.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Myth of the Midlife Crisis

It's time we stopped dismissing middle age as the beginning of the end. Research suggests that at 40, the brain's best years are still ahead.

Check it out...

Age means nothing anymore.

Our Average life span is like 75-80 years... what it seems to me is that this number is based on what people's age is that they are dying now. Those of us who are 40 and below have advantages that they never had and our bodies are used to those advantages, so I think who know how long we will live.


Forbes’ highest-paid young celebrities

Celebrity Age Profession 2005 paycheck
Amanda Bynes 19 Actor $1.9 million
Hilary Duff 18 Actor/singer $15 million
Paris Hilton 24 Personality $6.5 million
LeBron James 21 Athlete $22.5 million
Adriana Lima 24 Model $4.5 million
Lindsay Lohan 19 Actor/singer $11 million
Frankie Muniz 20 Actor $8 million
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen 19 Actresses $21 million
Maria Sharapova 18 Athlete $18.2 million
Ashlee Simpson 21 Singer/actress $5.3 million
Serena Williams 24 Athlete $12.7 million

I find this funny... I want to be one of the richest people under 25 for being a "personality".

This is what I call a Penis Celebrity, someone who is only famous because of the Penis that they are connected to, like Paris Hilton who is only famous because of her Father. Lisa Marie Prestley who is only famous because of her Father. etc...

I wonder if there are any Vagina Celebrities out there, I am sure there are i just can't think of any right now.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Remember these words...

Platu Verada Nictu


I look like an European Gigilo / Pirate Today

I am officially at the bottom of my Laundry Barrel.

I am wearing pinstripe linen pants with a maroon button up shirt, that I borrowed from my brother. I feel like I should be hitting on middle aged women and asking them if they want to go to the Mediteranean and see my Beach house on the coast of Spain, where clothing is optional and we can talk about whatever "Pops" up.

I feel gross.

Have you ever looked at an International Male Catalog? Well the Old ones had Nasty clothes that I would put on here if I could find an accurate description of how I feel. But of course when I want to show how nasty some of their clothing is they have a whole new line of Beautiful clothing. We used to laugh about how that was the magazine for a Priest, Vampire or European Gigelo.


The Puffy Pants are pretty tragic but the rest are Mild compared to other things that were on there before. Lets just say they liked Licra.

Any way... that gives you an Idea of how I feel.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tickle Palmistry

Daniel, the shape of your hand reveals that you are especially good at Living each day to its fullest

Based on the signs in your palm, you have much to gain by experiencing every day as if it were your last. By putting directed energy toward getting all that you can from life, your efforts will be returned multi-fold.

Tickle's Palmistry Test

Check it out... it could be fun

The Onion Strikes Truth again...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Check this out

I think that this might help...

even though those bands are totally out.

I just have to give you this link and you can see for yourself...

Save money? Nah, just win the lottery - survey

Oh my God...

Are people serious

The Nature of Evil


I finished it.

Wicked is an amazing Book. I Highly Recomend it.

There were things that left me unsatisfied and things that really blew me away. The author Gregory Maguire really has a way with making you feel for the characters that he has created, even though they do bad things we really understand the humaness to them. I find it interesting that he can really create a world based on something that has already been saturated into Pop Culture. I mean the liberties that he takes on the whole Oz world are rather astounding and yet make perfect sense. He uses the power of hearsay to great advantage which really peaks my interest.

I don't want to give anything away in the book. So read it and then we can discuss.

Then we need to go see the musical.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Thoughts on being 100% "Out"...

I am out of the closet.

That is a broad statement that can be acurate and also not acurate based on who you are around and who you are talking to. I mean, my parents know, my siblings know (even though I haven't told some of them I know that they know), all of my co-workers all know in both jobs that I have here and in NY, and all of my friends that I see on a regular basis all know.

Again I say... I am out.

I then need to look at it from another perspective.

My Grandparents don't know that I am out. I think that maybe my parents have told them but I have never and so that just leaves them to live in denial and at family gatherings push for their little idea of what a good home life should be. i.e. I should get married and go back to church etc...

Some of my friends don't know that I am Gay. Like my friend that I just told you about in the Dipstick post, she doesn't have any clue that I am out.

And then there is the attitude that I have about it that changes whenever I am around others. For example, I never talk about it with my parents. They don't ask and I don't tell. Not that I think that they will shun me now, but I don't like rubbing it into their faces. They, and the rest of society think that it is somehow their fault and I don't like that idea so I don't rub it in.

And I have the same attitude with my job in Utah. I don't check on websites that might offend someone at work just because it has a Gay content and I don't talk about it at all.

I also am careful of who I tell about this website. I don't want some people on here in case they find the content offensive. Some people don't like seeing Nudity and others don't like seeing Gay content period.

Oh that I could be that out!!

I mean, not that I would do something like this... well ... maybe I would to have some fun, but I am not a very flambouyant person. I don't like to Flame all over people. I just wish that I could be myself in front of everyone I am around.

I know that this is a choice of mine. No one is making me choose to act different. And so I should just buck up and live with my choices until I choose to change.

I just think that it is interesting that there isn't a finish line. I will always have to Choose to come out again and again, everytime I meet someone. There will probably never be a time in my life where people will just know and accept when they meet me and so that leaves room for me to Curve my actions and words to hide and let them be in denial.

Don't get me wrong. I am proud of myself and of how far I have come in the battle against Homophobia. I just see now that it is unending. I will always have to Come out, over and over again. It is sometimes exausting and sometimes fun because I can teach and inform.

NE way...

Here is another crystal for the hope that Humanity will soon find it in their hearts to live and let live... And for the hope that all us Fags get the balls to not let it be easy for people to live in Denial.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

I am completely weirded out that this happened to me...

Image by Deborah Koff-Chapin

Those of you who know me, know (and those who don't are about to find out)that the thing that I am afraid of most in my life is to not be in control of my body. Yep... I am a control freak when it comes to my body. That is the number one reason that I will not get drunk, that I have only tried drugs sparingly and have never been truly high. I just don't like feeling like I want to tell my limb to move and it revolt's and refuse's. That is the reason that I don't like hospital corners on sheets and blankets in bed, I need to be able to move freely.

Well... last night at around 9:30pm I was lying down, watching Gillmore Girls and having a good time laying around. Well, when I got up to go to the restroom, my heart suddenly started beating really fast and I felt really light headed. I have had this happen to me before when I get up too fast and thought nothing of it, I just normally stop moving for a second and am fine after a while. Not this time. The next thing that I knew I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom in the corner with my eyes closed. There were millions of thoughts in my head shaking back and forth so fast that I couldn't tell one from another. I realized that I could feel the door molding on my spine moving back and forth really fast, then I noticed it on the back of my head. I was shaking uncontrolably. When I realized that I was shaking I had to break out of it really fast. So I forced myself to jump up and stand in the center of the room for a second and collect myself. (funny I never thought that I would ever had need to use that term before but it seems very appropriate for this experience) I then went into the living room and sat down and thought about what just happened, even then it didn't seem like I could have possibly just passed out and had a seizure, even though it had just happened to me. But I knew that I needed to not be alone anymore in case it happened again. So I called my parents to come and get me. They got to my house at around 10:05 pm which means that I couldn't have been out for much more than five minutes or so, if that.

Image by Philip Hitchcock Design
Any way...

Now that it has happened to me its not as scary as I thought it was going to be. Which I am thankful for. But I am a little worried as to the cause. I mean what am I doing differently now that I hadn't before. Except that I am now on new medication that I have never been on before. I don't do well on Medication. But it had already been in my system for about 12 hours and I had eaten after I had taken it all. So right now I think that it was a combination of the Drugs and getting up really fast after lying for so long.

NE way

Now I don't feel like I should be alone very much for a while, until I am off the medicine. Which really sucks because I am very used to having alone time and crave it alot now that I am living with 2 others in a 1 bedroom apartment. I never am alone.

NE way

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle
Go Jo. GI Joe
mr dlb style