Saturday, August 20, 2005

Well here we are again

have you ever seen the play You can't take it with you?

it's good


I am sitting here online on my day off just trying to relax. I don't know why but some man that is sitting near me has decided that I am a social pariah and has chosen to remedy this by talking to me as much as he can find things to say. I don't really mind this much but I don't really respond very much either.

I am here just chilling out at the Cafe' and all of these people I know keep coming up to me to talk. it is plesant.

Well anyway... I don't know what else3 to say so I think that I will just sign off and go back to surfing the internet.

I don't know why I keep this Blog araound. I think that I keep it so I will have it if I get a desk job again and give me something to do on those long boring desk job days... until then I will probably only write in tthis very little.

mr dlb style