Saturday, December 24, 2005

This one has potential to be really long...

Merry Christmas...

I don't know how much I will be able to blog in here this weekend. I will be spending the next few days with my family. and then I leave for DC on tuesday. So I don't know how much I will be blogging.

Well... I just watched a really bad movie. It was called Mobsters and Mormons. Don't watch this movie!!!

It was very boring and cliche'. I was so Bored. NE way.... don't see it.

There is a new genre out there and it is called the Mormon Movie. Some of them are alright. and some of them are Grossly bad. Some of them can really get me involved like
  • Brigham City.
  • If you want to see a good clean thriller with no crazy love scenes that don't need to be there or any non necisary violence, then this is your movie. I loved it. And it was all about a Mormon Town.

    Then there is the bad ones like this one that I just told you about. And things like alot of the knew
  • Halestorm
  • movies that are coming out of the woodworks it seems. I don't mean to be too negative to them some of them are alright. But if you are making enough money to be making all of these movies then at least pay to get some good actors.

    The funny thing is is that they would probably not care about my opinion as a critic and just pass me off as a heathen and a sinner. Because I am Gay. Oh well their loss. I have alot of ideas that might help them. like get better writers. Well I am one to talk, I am a little afraid of going back through this and reading what I wrote for fear of learning that I am in fact a complete moron.

    But that also gets me to the other genre that is burgeoning in this little Ego Centric world that I live in. The Gay Movie.

    Some of them are also Quite Bad...
    Like this one... Gods of Olympia.

    This was just really a sorry excuse to have softcore porn. Bad everything.

    Then there are the Hits...

    Like this one...

    I like this one alot because it kindof mixes the two genres. The Mormon Movie and the Gay movie. and since these are two very influential forces on my life I find it fun when they come together into one thing, and I come out on top in the end.

    As you can see...

    it's also funny because this movie has Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it who stars in another Gay movie that came out this year...

    this was an amazing story alot like Monster. It will really knock your socks off.

    NE way...

    The only thing that I want to say before I sign off is go see this movie when it comes out in your area (God willing that be soon).
  • Brokeback Mountain

  • And take me with you ... because this is one that I can't miss.

    Friday, December 23, 2005

    I'm a Theif!!!

    I have been stealing from other peoples blogs that I have been finding.

    I just got my Instinct Magazine in the mail and on the cover is a really hot Boy that has a blog named
  • Brat Boy School
  • . So I like a good little gay boy took that for my que to imediately check out his blog and all of the links that he has on his website.

    So I have been kindof picking and choosing Ideas on what to write about on my blog and also getting Tips and Tricks to create a better blog of my own.

    Hope you like it

    Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    this is me

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    expensive, well aged, and in demand!

    How do you taste?
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    Crazy house of Christmas

    Check this out

    Crazy house of Christmas

    Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    Peer Presure at it's best (or worst)

    I can't believe that I still fall for peer presure at 24. last night my brother and Best friend convinced me to call in sick to work today. For reasons that neither of them really had anything to do with me. it was more of a selfish thing on both of their parts. one wanted to not be bored today while they were home alone and the other wanted company watching a movie of all things. which is not a group activity at all. And me being the follower that I am decided to go for it. doesn't that suck booty. Because now all one wants to do is sleep and the other just wants to clean the house and do laundry. So here I sit doing basically what I would have been doing at work just not getting paid for it. I am soo silly. What is it about other people that make me want to please them more than myself. I don't understand. Caroline Myss once asked for everyone in her class to ask themselves how much they do for the sheer reason of not to be humiliated. I don't really respond well to that vocabulary, I don't tend to be humiliated. But I do do things to please people. I think that it is something that is in part built into me based on the culture that I was brought up with. "I will be proud once you have completed A. B. C... etc." But there comes a point in my life when I can't blame that on someone else. I have got to have the resolve of a Mystic, as Caroline Myss puts it. I have to make a decision and not go back on it. When I decide that I am going to Go to work to get money then I need that to be the end of it. No convincing can ever change that for personal reasons that don't affect me and aren't beneficial to me. I have got to... no strike that ... I WILL start living my life to my benefit. I WILL stop living it in the shadow of what I think other people think of me and what I think that they expect of me. Which is always a chalenge especially this time of the year when I go to Christmas with my extended family. their expectations are aparent in just the way that they look at you. But I Won't let that stop anything.


    I think I might be using this as Therapy. I think that is healthy isn't it? An un-biased listener that won't put opinion where it doesn't belong. or maybe it will... I haven't gotten any response from the 125 or so people who have viewed my blog just from the time that I put the counter up on it. Any way...

    Have a good day and let your resolve for the future of your life be as steadfast as a Mystic, that you can make decisions once, that those decisions will be for your own good and therefore to the benefiet of everyone around you.

    mr dlb style