Monday, March 28, 2005

It seems night is the best time to write these

It’s 11 pm on Easter Sunday.

I just got through watching Jesus Christ Superstar.

I love it when I can get into the Jesus thing again. I don’t like to admit it, I like to think that I am a Pluralist and have love for all religions, but I am a little jaded toward Christianity. So when I am able to get into the Jesus thing I realize that Christianity has nothing to do with Christians. Most of the things Jesus taught are things that I believe anyway. His teachings are so universal. I really liked this movie because I think that it took away some of the us and them that is so common in historical renditions of the Crucifixion. I don’t believe that there was really a bad guy. People did bad things sure. Stupid mistakes and Blind Foolishness. But I don’t think that Judas was a bad guy. I mean he was one of the twelve disciples for heaven sakes. I think that he just made a terrible terrible mistake, that just so happened to be the only thing that could have made the Atonement possible.

It’s like Satan. (Warning, this may get “blasphemous”. Not for the weak of soul.) Out of all of the people in the history of the universe, he has the worst wrap. I mean sure it took Christ and it took God to make this little plan work. But if Satan didn’t play the role that he decided to play, none of this whole thing could have been possible. All Satan had to do was not tempt Christ, not tempt the Jews to kill him, not tempt the Romans to play along, and the whole thing would have come crashing down on their heads. No more atonement. No more life resurrection. No more living with god. And if you believe the version that I was taught, (the LDS version) he knew the whole plan before he ever decided to become the devil. He knew all along that someone would have to sacrifice their lives to save the world.

I would like to hear Jesus’ teachings in his own words. Not through the filter of man.
I don’t like the bibles rendition of things. I don’t think Jesus ever wanted to be what he has become. I think that he wanted to teach. I think that he wanted to help people. I don’t think that he wanted to be made into a God, or even the son of God. But we sure do like our religion. We like to have our institution. But as the Sufis say, “Religion is, at best, a finger pointing to the moon.”

But I guess we all need our Crutch to see the divine. Ill stick to my way and you can stick to your way.

I like the question they pose in the end. They ask Jesus (not the character but a question to the real man) what he thinks of Buddha and Mohamed. Interesting Question.

Jesus is good

Sat Nam!

I am up at the Kundalini Hour typing this. The kitchen Guru will be sad that I didn’t come to Yoga @ 4 am, when he finds out that I was up at that time writing my Blog. Sorry, I never was one for waking up early, today is just different. I don’t know why I woke up, I must have been hot.

NE way… now I can’t stop thinking so I might as well download to get my mind off of things.

Someone asked me recently what I meant by “conservatives use morals as Ballistic Missiles”.

So I shall attempt to answer this question in this Blog… “Danger Will Robinson!” You may be in for a long read so make sure your Tray and seat back are in their upright and locked positions and …

We as a Human race like to put labels on things. “I am black, you are white” “I am Gay, you are Straight” “I am Christian, you are Muslim” “I am Democrat, you are Republican”. Because labels, we have found have helped us to classify things and help us understand the world that we live in. Usually it seems that these labels were just for Clarification purposes. “I mean the Black Woman, with Blonde Hair.” With that type of descriptive words you can be sure to know who I am talking about in a room full of people. And so in that sense I find these labels ok. But then based on fear we have taken those labels and moved them into this new format of speaking “Yeah, she is a Slut!” And by doing so, I feel, we are disconnecting ourselves from that part of the human experience. Or at least we are trying.

So on that note, I have created my own form of swearing. Any words used to label for the sake of division, us against them, is my form of swearing. Those other words don’t mean anything and really don’t hurt anyone. But this new form of swearing does hurt someone. It hurts the person using the words.

Let me state that I do swear with these words. I use Conservative and Liberal like swear words more than I like to admit. So I am not trying to be hypocritical, just saying it as I see it.

I think that we as a human race do a lot to break these barriers down, especially now that the world is getting smaller, with the Age of information and the Internet. You look at the world before the turn of the Century, and you had to be a straight white male to even breathe without worry of persecution. And slowly but surely we change our minds.

We as a human race at one point thought that the color of your skin determined your status in this world. I am not only talking about slavery but all over the world. Skin color is a very visible difference and nor one that can be easily changed or hidden. And so it has always been a very popular choice to create division. And normally that was spurned on by this religious Zealot fervor, that “we” are the chosen people, and so therefore better than you. I think that this is a way to make us feel more important and less insignificant in this whole big universe.

You can see this with any of the labels that society uses today. “We, the chosen people are straight. So anyone who is other from that is abnormal and no longer part of We, and are now them. And then we proceed to strip rights of the them. “Them cannot be married because we the chosen ones deem it so.”

This is why I say that Conservatives use morals like Ballistic Missiles. It seems like we make leaps and bounds in breaking down social flaws like these labels and someone, based on an us and them moral kick, strike those advances down.

“We should teach Abstinence only to our children so that they don’t have pre-marital Sex.” Well what if it isn’t my moral to abstain before marriage. What then. And then if I don’t abstain before marriage then I don’t know anything about safe sex and the risks of disease and pregnancy. My high school had abstinence only policies in our high school, in good old Happy Valley Utah. And our teen pregnancy rate is higher than the national average. HUH! Guess no one ever looked up those statistics did they.

“We have only one partner in our lives. And anymore than that is not of We. Anyone who chooses to love more than one person is now and forever more a them. Anyone who chooses to not be married is a them.”

NE way…

I think you see where I am going with this. I feel that any statement to separate our race into categories and subcategories, on the basis to create Hate and division is wrong. Anything! Weather it be race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, Gender Identity, right down to the number of sexual partners you choose to have in succession or at the same time.

Now I do normally consider this to be a conservative problem. And I realize that I am creating an us and them when I do that. And I am working on putting love into that. Because I realize that it is a Human problem. And that is my first step to change.

Because when it comes right down to it, we all are the same. And what makes us different doesn’t make us bad. It makes us Unique and special (all short bus jokes aside).

I think that maybe when we need a Scapegoat in the form of a label we should just use Cannibal, because nobody likes them.

Good night Neverland

The wireless is down

I don’t know why… but the wireless is down in the Café. So the Blog that I wrote last night and this one will have to wait to be posted until tomorrow. Haha… these days mean nothing to you silly people.

Well anyway. I am writing about ambition today.

I had kind of a scare the other day. I overheard people talking about their roles in A/V this year and it made it sound kind of like I was a peon again. That sent shivers down my spine. Sad huh. I can’t believe that it affected me like that. I was even thinking of leaving Omega… thinking of my options and seeing how much money I had in the bank. All because of this factices title that I hadn’t even been given yet that I thought was being taken away from me. I am a silly person.

Normally if you ask me I would tell you that I have really no Ambition to be the Boss. That really I am cool with giving orders or receiving them. Well I guess that I proved myself wrong.

I really liked the idea of being the boss. Why is that? What can I do different when I am the boss as opposed to when I am a peon?

It’s not like it’s a drastically different job or that everything changes. The job stays the same, it’s just that I am now in charge of other people, and am responsible for them to do their jobs. It’s just more work and more stress.

Maybe I feel important when I am the boss. Maybe I feel like people can count on me.

I don’t know.

All I do know is I freaked out and made my boss sit down and draw out the structure of our department so I could see where everyone stood and what every ones rolls were. Only then did I stop freaking out, when I found out that my fears weren’t true and that I actually am the boss.

Funny what a word can do.

Would I still be here if I found out that my fears were accurate? Or would I be on the first flight to Bali?


All is well… I am staying @ Omega and will be here the whole season.

Next year? That remains to be seen. I kind of want to see how I fare in the big bad world out there. I usually am sure of my course of events for Omega. Last year at this time I knew that I was coming back without a doubt. This year? We’ll see.

Here is to Neurosis

My mind is reeling

I am now sitting up in my bed writing this @ 1:42 AM…

I can’t sleep.


Who knows, maybe because there is enough light coming through my door from the hallway to read by? Maybe because there is enough light from outside to count the wrinkles in my sheets. All coming from lights that people leave on for heaven only knows why. Maybe it’s so in case the deer need a midnight snack. Or in case the Boogey man comes and they need to SEE him before he eats them… like somehow that makes him eating you better.

I find that we give a lot of room to those who are “needy”. There are people in this world who can take whatever they want because they throw a pity party for themselves every five minutes if you protest their demands. For example… if I say… turn off the hall light, someone will complain because they “need” the lights on in order to sleep. Well what about my need to sleep. Am I being selfish by asking for that need to be met? It’s not that unreasonable… I mean light is bad for your eyes in the night time when you are sleeping. Its even bad for the environment to leave lights on all the time… not to mention all of the electricity we waste with it being on ALL NIGHT LONG. But no, we need to roll over for the person who “needs it in order to sleep”.

I find that in a lot of places. For example, people with mental disabilities. I am having a real hard time with that one right now. How come do I have to give everything to someone and just roll over when I am hurt by someone, just because they have a disability?

I know that this is very unPC but I never claimed to be PC and this is my Blog so whatever. But I am sick of it.

I am sick of being nice. I am sick of rolling over. I want to just yell out right now for someone to turn out that Damn light.

But then I have to stop and ask. How many people are writing a Blog about what I do that annoys them. How many times do I get what I want and someone else is left with something they didn’t want.

And I have to admit, they asked for what they want, and Got It. What is the difference between them and me? I never ask. I just complain about it on my Blog.

Well thank god that I have a vent like this to keep me from yelling out at 2 in the morning and making everyone mad at me for being the Ass hole that is “needy”.

And… hehe… Aren’t I being needy for needing the light off?
mr dlb style