Friday, December 30, 2005

ok... the coast is clear

The wedding is officially over...

and looked nothing like this...

although I wish that it did...

and I was the one in the middle...

So I fly back to Utah tomorrow morning and have another long journey. I can't wait until I get back and can start making my own decisions again. I am soo sick of seeing other people just go with the flow no matter what is going on they just go with it. Like for example we went into DC after the wedding yesterday, I was supposed to be the tag along with Josh's family, and it turned out to be that I was the tour guide and everyone else just followed me. Luckily I am very resourceful and got a map real quick and got us through to see all of the sights that we wanted to see, and nobody got arrested for trying to leave dung on the steps of the White house or anything. So all in all a good trip.

And I spent under my budget.

Go me...

... Gosh ... when I had no time to write earlier today I felt like I had soo much more to say, but now it doesn't seem like I have anything else.

My speech was a hit by the way...

Cudos to me...

and I didn't even read it ... it was all memorized

yep all of it... (except for how I really didn't say much of the original and just winged it.

ne way thought the pic was funny and we all know I like pictures

Well lets see what happens

I have alot to say because alot has happened to talk about. We will see how far I get because I am about to go and do the Breakfast thing with the Grooms family in a minute.

Well I wanted to talk about being a different person. I think that I have found a place where lying is absolutely no problem, in fact it might help everyone involved.
I was on the plane on the last leg of my trip when I sat next to an absolutely gorgeous guy. He started talking to me which is absolutely amazing, and asked what I do for a living and so I did. I told him about Omega and what I do there. When it came to talking about him he said that he was in Research... and added to the puzzled look on my face ... Stem Cell Research. He was probably in his mid to late twenties, and I don't know why, but call it my intuition, I think that he was lying. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of what stem cell research is about (sorry it's not a part of my Hippie Agenda) and so I kindof closed shop on that part of the conversation which in turn closed shop on the conversation in whole. How typical of me, cute guy obviously interested in me and I fumble and loose the ball. (Straight guy points for using a sports reference?) NE way... what I wanted to say is how cool is it for someone to lie about what they do and make up a great story about themselves to someone that they probably would never see again, like on an airplane, because it doesn't hurt anyone.

Well gotogo...

more soon

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Why didn't we think of that...

you have got to read this... it's funny

U.S. Gays on Legalization of Gay Marriage in the U.K.: “Why didn’t we think of that?”

NE way...

today is the big day.... the day when my friend gets married. and of course he is in the same room as me and gets ready this morning and I have a complete hard on the entire time. I don't meant to put energy out against his marriage, I just have had a crush for a long time.

NE way...

after today he will be married and no more crush

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Speech... with the Love and Gratitude Crystal

Well here it is...

Finished copy of the Best Man speech that I will be giving @ Josh and Jenna's wedding Reception.

Good Evening, My name is Daniel. I have the happy Duty to be Josh’s Best Man, therefore, the less so, but not unhappy, duty to give a Best Man Speech. I will try to keep it short so in case you don’t find it interesting or funny you can at least compliment its length.
I have what I call a creative memory so if the facts don’t sound too accurate… Well … hopefully my way of telling it at least has entertainment value.
I met Josh in the 6th grade. I had just moved into a new home and he was one of my first new friends, he invited me to play soccer and we’ve been friends ever since.
Junior High… What can I say about Junior High, omitting of course the things we try to strike from our memory and never talk of again, I remember something about “Romping around a tree” and getting away with whatever we wanted in Computer Club.
Moving on to High School, which is much less scary to talk about, we attended Marching Band, helping our school win State Competition, went on our first dates together, and even found our love of Theatre there as well.
After high school he got us our first theatre jobs working for the School Stage Crew for the Summer, then again to work for the Provo Theatre Company.
After that we have gone on to different things. Myself, I Quit college for a while and now live a Nomadic lifestyle Bouncing around for my job. He as you probably know is in College and that is how he met his beautiful Wife, working at BYU.
Through all of our experiences together Josh has been a wonderful and True friend, and I am proud that I can call him such. He is a good man and will make a great husband, so congratulations to you Jenna.
Also just from the short time I have spent with Jenna I know she will be a wonderful addition to your life so congratulations to you Josh.
From what I see of the two of you just being here for a few days I see that this is truly a good match. Even though you definitely don’t need it, I give you my seal of approval.
True Happiness seems to be found in the present moment, and everything else just takes care of itself. You both emanate true happiness which makes everyone around you the more happy, and I thank you for it. May you find happiness in every moment, and may you always find home wherever the other is found.
The End. (or however you end these things)

What do you think...

its very short, but I am ok with that... in fact I kindof like that. Because I don't really look forward to this speech. It is also a Dry wedding so I don't know how to end it, do I still toast or do I go on with buisness as usual.

ne way
this makes me think of this picture and pictures are my favorite.

I can't wait to get married and have a family.

I just won't wear anything like that.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I feel nice

I decided that I needed to calm down after I packed for DC. And I am glad that I did. Now I feel like a million bucks and am soo happy. All of the Stress that I was feeling before about this trip is gone. What did I do you may ponder? I trimmed my beard, then my hair, then took a shower, then took a clean bath. Have you ever done that. Taken a shower and then a bath right after it. I recomend it. I don't really like the fact that I am using triple the amount of water than normal, but I am ok with splurging once in a while. I like it because I already feel clean when I am soaking so I don't feel like I am soaking in the stuff that I was trying to get off of me. (sorry I don't mean to be crude but that is how I feel) I also watched Naked News while bathing. I love having Wireless Internet.

NE way...

I really should be getting some sleep because I have a big day tomorrow. Travel, travel, travel.

See you on the flip side

Monday, December 26, 2005

Well I am off...

I am going to Virginia to attend my Friends Wedding. Yeah!!

I have the most crazy Itinerary ever. (Not that I am complaining because it is cheaper this way) But I will start traveling @ 9:56 am Mtn. Time, go to St. Paul, Cleveland, and then to Richmond @ roughly 8:27 pm their time. that is about 12 hours of travel. and then do it all over again coming home. But that is cool because I can add to the states I have been to by St. Paul Missouri. (Is that where it is?)

I am a little worried about this whole Best Man Gig. I don't know what I am suposed to do about all of this, I never got an instruction manual or anything, and it is an LDS wedding and so I won't be to the actual ceremony. And I don't know if they are planning on having me give the best man speach or what. Well I will have one ready just in case. (better get out my Rumi books and study)...

I already didn't throw a Bachelor Party, and I am being unfortunately flakey about the Plane tickets (the Father of the Bride had to loan me the money so I could come out there) But oh well. It wasn't totally my fault (except for the fact that there is no one to blame but me) I just had to wait for my money to clear the bank, and even when it did I didn't have enough to cover it (again the waiting thing ruins everything).

Well NE way...

I will bring my Computer to DC and hope to update there.

until then

P.S. - Here is a poll question, How many people actually read this? My counter says that about 150 or so people have viewed it, but I wonder who and if it is actually me just checking to see if my posts look good and posted correctly (somewhat OCD).

So Comment and tell me who you are or just E-mail me @

Merry X-mas to me...

Well Christmas just came and passed.

I just saw my extended family and survived. Things went well there.

I can't believe another year is past.

I have decided that I don't really like Christmas. I don't really do the Jesus thing all that much and I don't think that the whole materialistic thing is all that great. So I have decided that I don't like it all that much. I really don't like decorating for it. I don't like giving and recieving gifts. I don't like most of what it stands for at all.

Now I am not a complete Bah Humbug! I do the whole song and dance because it gives me an excuse to spend time with my Imediate and Extended family that don't normally come around all too often. For example all of my neices and nephews. That was great to spend time with them and have that fun. So I put up with my Aunts and Uncles and Cousin's and Grandparents because that is part of the package deal when it comes to Christmas.

The Jesus thing is all fine and dandy, it's just not my cup of tea. Nothing more and nothing less. I don't have anything against it and I don't have any great love for it so there is no reason for me to be apart of it in any way.

The Present thing seems like a complete waste of time and money. for all of the energy time and money that is spent getting somebody a gift, and then recieving a gift with the same amount of time energy and money spent to give, it seems like a waste. It almost seems like it would be better to just buy what you want and call it good. My family came up with a perfect way to go about giving the gifts. We all get together and buy a group gift for one person, and so everybody gives input on the gift and everybody gets (hopefully) something that they want. But this like all good plans failed when actually practiced both times. The first year it was very much a trial and effort period to see how it would work, and it seemed to work rather well, there were a few hitches but that was to be expected when you are dealing with a new idea. Then this year it seemed to all go to hell. Two people made the majority of the purchases and then everyone else was expected to just pitch in for their part of the burden. And in this approach it seemed that we didn't really go for gold. I don't think like I gave anything really from the heart and I know that the gift I recieved was meant for good but missed the mark because it was an unnesecary excess that will just turn out more fat than help. Does that make sense? I mean again, I don't mean to be a Spoiled brat because I think that people put alot of effort into the making of this gift. but I also think that people who had crucial information were asked about their input. Namely I told my brother in no uncertain terms that I didn't want or need Luggage. Which is precisely what I got. I am of course mostly to blame for this as I didn't give very many hints for what I wanted for Christmas this year and that is largly because I didn't want anything. I don't want stuff. I just spent the last three years getting rid of my stuff. But would anyone understand that what I really want and could use is in less solid form but maybe in Monitary form. What kind of a fool would I be if I asked for money, or even a gift certificate. I know that that is taboo to even be spoken of in some households but I just want to be able to have the option of having stuff if I need it, rather than it being given with little recourse without offense. And I don't think that my mother would be too happy with my not having anything to open under the Christmas tree.

And what was the last point that I said?
(excuse me while I scroll back up and read what I wrote)

Well anyway... I feel pretty safe writing this in here as I feel that nobody in this world reads this but me, but I also am sad that I don't have the Balls to come out with it and just tell them how I feel about the whole situation.

Wow this is a long post... Go Me!

Before I get off the subject I wanted to tell you of a site that I just subscribed to as a Christmas Present to myself, (I wouldn't dream of asking for this from my family) Naked News. This should be fun and an adventure. It's just for a month and we will see what will happen.

But look at what I get to look at all the time for my news.

NE way...

I don't mean to be anti Christmas. I just am not seeing the point in all of the hoopla right now.

Maybe tomorow I will change my other mind.

If you have any ideas just give me a Comment.
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