Friday, January 27, 2006

So that's why I am single

I am waiting for him...

No... It's not Alyssa Milano when she started on Who's the Boss, it's Noah Hathaway from The Never Ending Story. My Brother brought a blast from the past last night when he suggested that we watch this movie again. I still love it, and he is still hot hot hot. (does that make me a pedophile, or is it ok to think that he is hot if you thought he was hot back then, especially since we are not that far in age?)

But look at him now... WOW!!!!

Now that is one hunk of a man. I got this Picture from Noah's Clubhouse. Too bad he is Married and "Straight", but just how straight can he be, I mean he didn't even bat an eye at the Child like Empress... A girl I would switch for...


Thursday, January 26, 2006


Looking at the Cluster map makes me happy.

I know that I view my own website 10 times as much as the lot of anyone else does. That is fine with me, although I think it might show something of a narcissistic quality that I don't know what to think about.

But the Cluster Map shows that people all over the world are looking at my website. Now they may be taking a quick glance and running for something a little more polished, But I like to delude myself into thinking that they actually came here to read my words.

Odd huh!

Well NE way...

I hope to one day have 100 page visits a day. I don't know what that will change other than the fact that I would feel more pressure to post. But it sounds so romantic. I think that is the Leo in me, just wanting to have a spotlight on me. Maybe that is why I started this Blog. I mean I pretended at the very beginning to want it to be a Web Journal and if people read it then so be it. But really... I just want to be adored by all who are in my presence and with this site I can expand my presence. (Also I can edit out my bitchiness in this blog).

well neway...

I figure I would ask for people to comment on their whereabouts and what brings them to the many places that they are living or visiting, because it would be cool.

And if no one comments I will just delude myself more and say that they were just astounded by my words and were speechless, rather than scared and wanting to run.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Putting Belief into practice

I believe that we create our own reality. and if we aren't getting what we want we actually don't really want that or we are not asking for it correctly.

Well damn it... I am putting that belief into practice.

I am currently in "Negotiations" with my Job @ Omega. ooohhh... that makes it sound so important and adult. But it is crazy because I have never done this before. I mean I have always been fine with the amount of money that has been offered to me. and I have just gone with the flow, not that the flow has been bad to me, it's just that I have never really cared about how much money I make, as long as I have my needs met and my greatest wants met. but the funny thing is my needs and wants have changed. So drastically in fact that I feel I really must make a change in the Flow. I made the mistake of getting on a website, that told me how much the going rate is for people like me in this buisness. Not Good! I am drastically underpaid. Which I guess is par for course with the company that I work for and that is part of the charm of working there, but this was ridiculous. I mean I couldn't even make it slightly better by putting in my Room and Board as compensation. I am not even making half of the bottom of the rung. So that I am making a change. And it seems to be working beautifully. I mean... I don't know the final outcome, but my boss is going to bat for me with the higher ups to get me what I want. Yeah!!! Even then I won't be getting near what I would in the "real" world. (Aparently Omega is removed from the real world) But even so it is a start in asking for what I want and who knows maybe in the near future I might be able to ask for a "real" job that will get me the salary and benefiets that I have earned.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Energy Saving Tips

I said that I am going to put on here some energy saving tips so here is the first.

Goto this website, to see some things that you can do to save electricity and save you money.

look for their free pdf printable checklist Hopefully this works.

NE way...

At least I can do some of the things on this checklist now. It stinks because my building Manager is the one that controls the heat for the entire apartment building. and while it is cool that I don't have to pay for it because of that reason I also think that it stinks because we waste so much heat because everyone's body temperature is different and they obviously like it hot. so we open windows to cool things down, especially at night. and we have all of the vents in the house closed.

Well... we do what we can.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Utah is Schizo

Right now I am soo confused as to where Utah polotics are heading. I mean it seems like there is just so much going on these days. I was just reading the Salt Lake Tribune's Sunday Paper today and everyother article was about Gay rights. and it seems like everyother article is on opposite sides of the line. Right now Sen. Buttars of West Jordan is calling on the senate to pass his bill that will make Teachers put equal class time with Evolution and Inteligent Design (which is that a higher power created everything from scratch, as I understand it). Because he says that Scientists are still in Debate over this. Well that's funny because every scientist that I have heard weigh in on the subject has stated that they are all pretty much in agreement that Evolution is true. He is also a Homophobe stating that "they're everywhere. (speaking of Homosexuals) They're getting into everything. The Homosexual Community is going to undermine society." WOW!!! what a joke. I can't believe that this Neanderthal still exists. This cartoon shows this view pretty well.
I find this even more funny because it comes right after the great statements made by Mayor Rockey Andersen. What a crazy state I live in.

I guess however it does reflect the views of the nation, I mean the nation is basically cut in two halves when it comes to polotics.

My friend and I were joking around about how we should split the country into two different countries. I don't know if that would really even work but it was fun to dream for a second.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today I am gay!

so I try not to label myself as gay. I don't think that it should be that big of a deal that I need to make it my identity. Yes I am gay, and I see no shame in that as I've said on previous posts I am 99 - 98% out. I just don't see it as all that I am and so therefore not willing to make a big deal of it.

Today however I feel that I have passed through a coming of age ritual for gay men. I just spent a sunday with a pint of ice cream (Vanilla, not my first choice but definate goodness to be had) watching the first disc to Desperate housewives (love it!!). I also tried to bake a loaf of bread and clean the house.

Isn't that some sort of coming of age test for Gay men? Am I a Man?

Well anyway... the Bread didn't come out so well (I forgot the yeast until it was too late so it wouldn't rise and had to be sacrificed, don't worry however it seemed happily engaged with something in the garbage and didn't want to be interupted when I took out the trash)

But other than that I think that I did what most straight men are unable or unwilling to do, I don't mean to stereotype, it's just been my expirience.

We are also entertaining tonight. My friend and his new bride are coming over for dinner. I am a little nervous because I am not involved in this dinner party much and so don't know how much I am expected to perform. It also makes me kindof nervous that these friends don't know that I am gay. Not again that I am embarassed, it's just I don't know if It will dominate the party, ruin the party, or what will happen. They just got married and I have never met his wife, and so I think that on our first meeting I drop that bomb. Could get a little messy. Am I being a pussy? Oh well, I don't care.

NE way...

I kindof like living like this. I like to cook for people. it's fun. I don't like to do it every day, but it is fun for a while.

Sony launches gay music label. 11/01/2006. ABC News Online

Sony launches gay music label. 11/01/2006. ABC News Online

I can't tell if this is a good idea or a bad one. I mean I think that it is great if alot of gay artists get recognized for their work and I think that it is a great way for them to get started I just don't know if it is good for the whole integration of Gay people into the mainstream. and maybe that wouldn't be a good idea. but who knows.
ne way
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