Saturday, June 25, 2005

I am kindof sick of this

I have decided that I want the discrimination to stop.

yep... that is the final word.

no more discrimination.

it's over

let go all you crazy conservative Bastards...

I am confused by the whole thing, why? what is it to you? it doesn't matter to you at all... I bought a button on the streets of new york during the Pride Festival last year that I have left on my bag that says "if you don't support gay marriage, don't get one." how can it be more complicated than that?

I mean are we really that bad? nothing that i do behind closed doors has anything to do with you so why don't you just lay off.

well ...

that got a little angry...

I guess I need to calm down and realize that they are just doing what they think is right. and me being against them is not going to solve anything... so I need to be for something else. so I am for Equal Rights for all Citizens that pay taxes. I am for the right to visit my partner in the Emergency room if he is in there. I am for my right to Adopt Children and give a child a home that doesn't have one yet (maybe the straights should worry more about how the children got in there in the first place rather than barring them from a great home) I am for a system that allows me to get the same health benefiets that any other Straight couple get. I mean these aren't big requests. It's not like I am taking anything from straight people. My marriage has nothing to do with yours, the only way for the "Sanctity of Marriage" to be marred is if you Marr your marriage, which about 47% of straight couples are doing anyway, why can't gay couples have the same right to go through an expensive and nasty divorce.

NE way...

I digress...

the age of Discrimination is over. We can't discriminate against Jews, we can't discriminate against Black people, we can't discriminate against LGBT people, we can't discriminate against Middle easterners.

I hearby disolve all discrimination (imagine me giving the sign of the cross, or something that denotes an air of athority and power)

This is funny

"Someone should really do a national, once-and-for-all study
to back up what everyone already knows -- which is, of
course, that the more repressed and sanctimonious and
uptight you are about sex and love and gender and religion,
the more likely you are to be involved in secret kink, in
deep perversion, illegal perversion, perversion that crosses
the line from healthy and slippery and delicious to
degrading and morally reprehensible and Karl Rove. Just ask
... the Catholic Church."

-- columnist Mark Morford, May 11.
mr dlb style