Friday, May 06, 2005

A note on Honesty


I did a bad thing

except I don't think that it is all that bad of a thing normally

I lied to Omega

I told them that I knew that someone was coming to visit so that they could stay when I didn't really know that. I think that I am more mad that the person I lied for couldn't even care less weather or not I feel bad about it or not. In fact she hasn't even said anything to me about it at all except for a half fast thank you. and I have barely seen har all day.

oh well... I knew that we were growing distant already. this just comfirms things.

ne way... on to bigger and better things.

So Emily is coming to visit and I am so very excited. The last time that I saw her was at the conference and I was a grumpy cranky ass that slept all the time that I was not working. So I am happy that I am not working tomorrow so I can see her and hang out with her.

Today I have been having a loner day... I just got my MP3 player, it's an I river and I love it. So I have been spending my time just playing with it and my computer. I am such a nerd.

But ne way

love and light

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Well I'm Back

Here I am...

I think that I have lost all 2 of the people who read this regularly... sorry.

Oh well...

It wasn't really meant to be anything but a Journal anyway, so maybe I will write more now.

I am very good at giving myself obstacles. I don't know why I can't just have everything go right for a while. I always have something that comes in the way of what I want, or makes it so I have to wait until I jump through four hoops in order to fullfill whatever it is that I am doing at the time.

For example... I am trying to get plane tickets to go to Utah this month and go to my brothers Graduation. I am really excited but I can't seem to get everything together to make it happen. I finally got it approved from my manager that Ican have the time off and now I just need to make my travel arrangements. But for some reason I can't get my Debit Card to work. My Bank says that it should be fine now so I need to try again. but there is always a hurdle. and now I need to get my paycheck to the bank and there aren't any Banks close by.

Also I just found out that my License has been revoked. for a ticket that I got a year ago. I went to traffic school for another ticet that I got a day before, and when I called to take care of the second ticket they said that traffic school took care of everything. And I mini argued with the lady saying that traffic school should have only paid for one of the tickets and I still needed to pay for the other one. But she insisted that it was taken care of. So I let it go.... I know that was a mistake now... because after no word from them ata all about warnings and reminders they decided a year later that my license needs to be revoked. well whatever. I just need to pay the fine and get it reinstated. I just hope that it is that easy.

NE way...

Why is it that I have to create Drama for myself like that. What is it about drama that I like. I know that it isn't necisary. I know that I am creating it and that I can stop.

Well ne way...

If you get Netflix and you are reading this then you should make me your friend on there and we can give each other recomendations.

pa rumpa pum pum
mr dlb style