Friday, March 04, 2005

My Last day

Well it is my last day here @ the Kidney Foundation.

I am sad yes but also kindof relieved. I don't have to get up early in the morning again for another week if I don't want to.

I now have a Week off to do whatever before I go to New York City on the 12th, and then Omega on the 14th.

NE way,

relaxing is the life

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sex Bracelets

I found out what the Sex Bracelets mean...

Black: sexual intercourse
Blue: blow job (alternate meaning: lap dance)
Green: cunnilingus (alternate meaning: outdoor sex, hug)
Clear: whatever you want (alternate meaning: hug)
Orange: kiss
Yellow: hug (alternate meaning: analingus)
Red: lap dance (alternate meaning: French kiss, oral sex)
Purple: anal sex (alternate meaning: holding hands, doggy style)
Silver: fisting
White: flash your tits (alternate meaning: gay kiss, French kiss)
Pink: flashing
Gold glitter: make out
Brown: toss my salad, i.e., analingus
Glow in the dark: using sex toys, e.g. vibrators, dildos, etc.

And Marvel of Marvels, guess what I picked from Cat's assorted colors, Blue and Purple. No Joke. Funny huh

Sex me up!

A Funny

On the Chest of a Barmaid in Yale,
Was Tattooed the price of the Ale,
And on her behind,
for the sake of the blind,
was the same information in Braile.


I thought that was clever

Thoughts on Suicide

I have been thinking about Suicide recently.

There is a Dentist office 4 yards away from where I work. One of the Dentists who worked in that office Drove a H2 Hummer, so he must have been making pretty good money. I know that he had a wife and kids. So it seems that he should have been happy.

He Shot himself in his office this last weekend.

I am not quite sure why. Nobody here in my office has any idea either.

But maybe the reasons that we think that he "should" have been so happy, are exactly the things that made him so sad.

I think that we as a society take to roles that don't necisarily fullfill our souls based on what is expected of us by our peers. Everyone feels this presure to be a certain type of person.

Once again I can only speak from my expirience. I found growing up in Provo Utah very demanding. My grandparents on my fathers side are the worst. They have an Idea in their minds as to what makes a person happy. and everyone must strive to meet that perfection. If you are not doing enough of these things right then you obviously must not be happy. Most of these "Guidlines to happiness" are the Culturaly Accepted ones.

1. Get a Job. It doesn't matter if this Job fullfills you, you just need to be active in the Work force. It also doesn't matter if you NEED the money, you should still have a job, because that is what people DO. This I have found to be most taxing. I don't want a job if I don't NEED one. And who said that I should get your type of job. Maybe I want to be a loafer for a couple of years and live out of a Tent. Or maybe I want to become a High Power Buisness man and make alot of money. It doesn't matter. all that matters is the happiness of the person involved.

2. Get Married. Who cares if you find someone you love. Who cares if you don't want to be married. You will be looked at wierd for the rest of your life if you don't get married. It seems that in this day and age if you aren't married by the time you are 30 then you are thought of as odd, and something is wrong with you. There is something wrong with that Idea. Marriage means nothing. It's a piece of paper that man made up. The only significance that it has is what we put into it. I for one am sick of it. People who don't want to be married shouldn't be expected to. If 2 people want to just bepartners without some Government Contract in their way they should be able to. If Four people want to live together and have Orgies every night they should be able to. And if 3 men and 2 women all want to get married together then they should be able to. What does it matter to you. YOU put the importance on your relationships to YOU, not some government contract. Now there are some nifty perks that are associated with Marraige that I think that all Tax paying Law Abideing Citizens should be able to claim so I urge you to sign the petition @, I will put this link in the Links section.

3. You must have Children. Even if you don't like kids, it's expected. Even if you don't have the money you think you should you should have kids anyway. I see people everyday who absolutely hate their lives because they chose to have children before they were ready, or when they really didn't want any. WHY? There is no reason for there to be unwanted children in this world. On the other hand, if one person wants to have twelve children, let them. If they feel that they have the love and desire for that venture then there should not be anyone stopping them. every child in this world could be loved and accepted and cherished if we as a community stopped our presures on other people. Now there is always the subject of Teen pregnancy and that is a subject that is very related but to broad for me to put in this Blog. Sometime i will tell you about my views on Teen pregnancy and the Bush Administrations Abstinence Only Program. Nature always finds a way of balancing itself out so I think that we would find the over population would slowly balance it self out if we stopped putting presure on people period.

So even thought I don't know the reasons that this man killed himself. these are things that I thought of. Maybe he wanted to be a World Class Journalist and Travel the World. Or Work for the Peace Corp. Or maybe he just wanted to work at the local Dinner for the rest of his life and play video Games. Maybe he didn't want to do the things that he did with his life, but felt presured by the community to do them. Even though he had societies Recipe for success and happiness. He was truly unhappy.

Well at the risk of sounding like Jerry Springer, these are my closing thoughts. There is no Blanket Rules. There is no ONE path to happiness. everyone should have the right to choose their own path and not have the presures of the Society on their backs. Lets just let people find Peace. I pray for that man. I hope soo bad that he has found peace. Maybe he is playing video games right now. Who knows

Individuality Rules

I'm gettin good @ this


See the Advertisements on the bottom left side, I did that myself.

Ok Ok so I didn't write the Javascript and everything but I did put it in my Website so that it would go there.

right now it is an advertisement for saving Marine Life which I am happy about, hopefully it doesn't start pumping out adds for Walmart or some such crap, because then it has to go.

The Web Master

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My Corporate Woes

I hate corporate America.

I can't stand the fact that the lives of the masses are in control of a few extremely wealthy people.

and we sit back and let them...

I am working for the National Kidney Foundation through Kelly Services a Corporate Giant. and the more that I think of it the more that I realize that this place stinks. The corporation makes mistakes that cost me, and I have to come back on the local workers in order to get my money and they didn't do anything wrong.

It's funny I think that there are people in offices in the Corporate world that all they do all day is make up rules to mess with the little guys lives.

So I decided to fight back.

I started by not supporting all Fast Food Chains. because that is something that is not good for me health wise, or my pocket book. Next I am going to stop supporting Walmart. as of March 12th I will no longer shop at Walmart Corporation anymore.

I also am going to creat another Blog that will be just for Reviews of Local Buisness. I am starting that Blog Today, but I don't know if I will have many local buisnesses listed until next week... but lets see.

This way I can find local buisnesses, remember them when I am looking for a new place, and share that information with whoever is interested.

The address will be posted on the links

Power to the people

Fashion and Metrosexual Dumb Asses


This prooves it...

There is no "Originality" when it comes to fashion. it's all been done before. and it will all be done time and time again.

As prooven by this website

This shows that even nipple piercings were fashionable way before the Punk era.

Sorry Goths you aren't original either, eye makeup and the Pasty look predate you a long time. (like there was any doubt, especially if you bought it @ Hot topic, In THE MALL)

Hippies, Just because you bought it @ a Thrift Store doesn't mean it isn't trendy. Especially if all your hippie friends are doing it too.

It actually sounds like the only people who aren't trendy are the Trendy ones... the ones who buy all of the latest Fashions because they like them and change every other season.

Now of coarse that isn't the majority of these Trendyites. They also follow the crowd like sheep.

What is my point here, my point is that we all follow the crowd to one extent or another. That is why we live in a 2 party Government that is basically the same Party. So what I am trying to say is not that everyone that are followers are bad, just that we shouldn't define ourselves by what we wear. We should realize that it all comes down to Communication. What are we communicating to the world about how we live and what we find important.

Ok now I do have some real beef to pick with some people.


What the Hell...

Who decided they were necisary.

Alright, I thought they were a great Idea when I first heard of them. The Idea of a straight man dressing up nice and taking a, heaven forbid, shower once in a while sounded like great fun to me. I watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as much as I could. But now it seems to be backfireing on me.

I mean I can't tell anymore... Who is Gay? Who is Straight?

It's hard enough being a Gay man in this world without this craziness.

Especially in Provo Utah. I think that the Boys of Brigham Young University started the Metrosexual movement. Because it still is like the 70's here. If you are gay you are kicked out of this school and then probably Excomunicated from the LDS church (very christ-like). So there are alot of Closet Cases running around. and the funny part is that there are ALOT of Gay men going to BYU. I think that the ratio is much higher @ BYU than the National Average (all you MDT Majors, you know who you are). So they are still Fronting, Dating women, and Icky Stuff like that. So women started to expect the men to dress nicely once in a while, take them dancing, Take SHOWERS, Enjoy the finer things in life. so the only way for the straight man to compete is to do those things. HA HA so really it is the fault of Homophobia that the metrosexual man exists.

Well NE way... Now you can't tell. Who IS Gay?

well I will get off this soap box for now


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ha Ha... another on the same exact day...

Ok so I didn't know what to write about but I wanted to write sooo badly. so I will write about the movie that I just watched.

It's called before Sunset. it is a Sequel to before sunrise. a movie that came out in 2004 with Ethan Hawke and somebody else. Wow he looks Gaunt. I can't tell if I like him better this way or with more meat on his bones.

This is a bad sequel. but I think that I would have liked this movie if I hadn't ever watched the first one. The first one was intense. Not Action packed and not Uber Romantic, just very deep with meaning and emotion that was under the dialogue. I like that. I like movies that are puzzles. I like to have to deduce what someone is really thinking or feeling about a situation or events in a persons life. I hate it when everything is worn on the actors sleeve, out for everyone to see and know exactly what is going on with them. I find that anymore movies are that way. We as a species want to have a quick fix to our problems by escapism. we don't want to look at the human condition and see if we fit into the story that we are observing on the screen. We want Spider man or the Incredible Hulk up there, because that is ultimate escape to us. we are not a super hero up on the screen fighting the super villain. so we then feel safe. that none of our problems are out there waiting to bite us in the ass on the screen.

I think that Escapism is great.

I don't see anything wronge with it. I use my own form of escape. I just found one here. This Blog is definately an escape from reality. I can pretend that I am just writing down my thoughts and feelings and that nobody is listening. it's like talking to someone who can't respond. I like it. I can do whatever I want whenever I want and you can't do anything to interupt or change the topic. you could leave. but as far as Iknow you were never there to start with, or will always be there.

but I also really like to look at the human condition and see myself glaring back on the screen. I think that it is a form of the shadow process that is taught most effectively to me by Debbie Ford. I see on the screen parts of me. some parts I like, others I want to throw something at.

Like for example... Have you ever watched the movie Just Married, with Ashton Kutcher and somebody... I cannot stand the character that Ashton Kutcher plays. I cannot watch that movie without wanting to hit him with a tow truck filled with boiling acid that would leak just enough to burn him slowly up with no release from the pain. (thank god i am not a violent person) So I really have to take a step back and think about that character, what about him makes me soo mad. well he is arrogant selfcentered and I cannot believe that he was in Paris and chose to watch a baseball game there instead of going to a museum. I hate the way that he can't just say oops, I made a mistake. and how he thinks that he can do everything even though he is warned not to. He is to me the view the french have of Americans. so why does that bother me sooo badly. well maybe because it is my shadow that I have been trying to cover up for so long that I can only see it in other people. Well that is a hard one for me to accept that that is part of me as well. But i am thinking it over. if you have any ideas that might help me with this reguard, please shove them up your ass. Thank you.

NE way... who knows if any of this made any sense or if anyone will ever read this again... I know I won't.

Movies are a great escape just remember not to let them take you away from the present. Is what I say to myself.



David's Big Gay Blog: Same Sex Marriage

The Acadamy Awards

I am a movie Fanatic.

I love all types of movies.

I like to watch award shows because it is almost like they are just recomending movies for me to watch. They aren't always the best movies on the planet, but the definatley have a selection of movies that I would have never thought to explore and give a chance.

For Example... Million Dollar Baby is a movie that had I just saw the previews I would have never had gone to it. but since it was nominated a whole bunch by the Acadamy I went and saw it. I actually loved it. I thought that it was an amazing movie. Full of wonderful Characters and a good plot. Who knew.

Also... I gained alot of Respect For Tupac, after I watched the Documentary on him called Tupac: Resurection. I am soo shocked at what an amazing person he actually was. he actually wasn't the mobster Gangster kill or be killed Monster that my white bred Utah Background told me about. hehe...

And I learned alot about the War we are currently in, because I watched the Documentary called Why We Fight. I was amazed at the way they treated the subject. This movie I would have never watched had it not been for the Sundance Film Festival that happens right here in Utah.

NE way...

I love movies

I am no longer a Virgin.

This is my First Time...

Well How are you all.

I am fine. I am @ "work". I call it "work" because I want people to know that I "work" here. I don't actually do much of anything at all except answer the phones when they ring.

but any way, I do like my Job. There are good people here and I like to check my E-mail everyday and create Blogs.


My first entry done.
mr dlb style