Monday, April 25, 2005

Hopefully this won't be a twice a month thing

Due to enormous response of the lack of posts on this site I have decided to write today and say how I am feeling...

Thank you Emily


Well lets have a check in shall we?

I am enjoying life here at omega. I always love it here and this year is only different for the fact that I am missing one of my best friends here. (see above)

We just got through the Pema Chodron workshop. we are used to having only about 50 - 100 staff memebers on campus so it has been rather quiet. then Pema came and brought with her an enourmous 560 people to add to the 100 odd staff. needless to say the energy around here shifted tremendously. It was a great workshop. sometimes I felt like what she was saying wasn't relevant to me, other times it was like she looked into a crystal ball and found what Daniel Bunker needs to hear today and let me have it. She is an amazing woman that I deeply respect. If you don't know who this is I recomend you look her up in the Omega Website posted on my links.

Now I am just feeling my way out around the office. it's hard because i don't know where exactly I stand here in this department. I mean I know that I am a manager and that I have the power to kick people around... hehe... jk... but I don't know what I am supposed to be the manager of. right now everything is still up in the air and it is a little disconcerting. But I will ask John my boss tommorrow and make him sit down with me and tell me what my role is.

NE way... I am really excited to go to Utah for my brothers Graduation on the 27th of May. It will be rather fun to see everyone and hang out with them after the 3 months that I will have been here.

Also I convinced my boss that he needed to get me a new memory card for my laptop so that I can use it for work. and he bought it... I don't know if that makes him a sucker for letting me talk him into buying it for me or if it makes me a sap for saying that I will use it for work. nne way... that will mean that I can write in this more because it won't take 15 minutes for this to boot up.

also there is a rumor on campus saying they might get wireleess all over campus starting with the Library which is very close to my dorm room. Which means I might have internet access right in my room... sweet huh... I think that my vocabulary gets younger as I get older...

I am taking an art class this summer... I don't know what it is yet but I think that it will be fun to learn some techniques from people around here... I think that I will either be taking the Drawing Out Your Soul course or the Painted Photographs.

Ne way...

I realize that I am very scattrered...

love and light
(oh but megan is the only one who would get that joke and I don't think she reads this, oh well)
mr dlb style