Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Traila' Trash Life!

Wow... it is really cool to see your life from different angels.

I just moved locations on campus. I moved from the center of campus in a huge Dorm Room into a larger space, or a Trailer. This is off campus but not far. It is far enough however that I am seperate from the routine that I had before.

I don't live right next to my best friend Catherine. Which sucks and is also good at the same time. It sucks bum bum because I can't just go over and talk to her whenever I want and Bitch or Laugh or Play or Cry with her at all times of the day and night. I have to walk about half a mile to get to her house from mine, and since I tend to be alittle lazy I don't really make that journey. It is good however because I feel Catherine growing distant. She is heavily involved in a Boy that might end up in Marriage. Maybe even this time next year. I think that she is groing distant because we both kindof know that if she does get married then we won't be together near as much as we always were before. And also because she is a very different person when she is with her Boy then when she is with anyone else.

Well neway...

It is time for me to get a life of my own. I feel sometimes, especially of late, that my life is to be there for other people and hear their dramas, and lend a listening ear and comfortable shoulder. Which is fine, except that I tend to let that interfere with having a relationshipof my own. I need a man in the worst way.

Oh yah! Hey there to my Big Bro. who might have just heard of this blog and might read this sometimes. Which is a scary thought because I want to again censor some of the thoughts that I have and post on here, and then again that is the very reason that I should do nothing of the sort.



P.S. Oh yeah just as a funny...
This was a still frame that was captured during the edit of the video interview of Rod Stryker a Famous Yogi (Not Jeff Stryker the famous Porn Star). My friend was editing the video and paused it to talk to me and this is where it paused. what do you see here?

mr dlb style