Friday, January 20, 2006


(because I like to swear twice sometimes)

I lost a post on here somehow.

it's gone... it just vanished... and guess what it was called, Things I need to remember.


Now I forgot to remember what I needed to remember. Silly Blog.

Well ne way... Do you like the changes? they are coming along just as I hope my Hits will come along as well. I guess that I should say something in here other than that my blog is changing so you have something to come back to.

Get rich quick schemes suck! I don't know why but most people think that I need to be rich. I don't know why, I am in no hurry yet. that is why I took all of the ads on my website off. I don't need to be making a fraction of a cent for someone to click on my website. And I don't need to make 100 dollars a week just by getting my family and friends into some sleezy multilevel scheme that never really works for me. Why doesn't it work for me you might wonder? Because I don't care. I don't want to make a million dollars at the sacrifice of my time and Joy. I make money for one reason, to have the life that I want. that is all. I don't need a big bank account or an expensive car, all I want is to live MY life. And right now the way that I want to live my life happens to be moving cross country 2 times a year to change. thats it... I think that I may be addicted to change. But there it is. No where in that lifestyle does it require me to make more money than I already make. Now... if i were to get married and have kids then maybe my lifestyle would need to change and I feel that I am prepared to make those changes quickly and sufficiently to whatever life throws at me. My phylosophy is that money comes to me as needed, and as I greatly want.

oops... it's 5pm, gotogo
more on this when I get home

Thursday, January 19, 2006

He he he he... look ... I did it!!!

well I have finally done it. I have learned how to create Headers and footers for my website and how to make them link to things (the footer links back to this page so you don't have to scroll all the way back up.

Fun huh!

the more I play the more I learn. and this website stuff isn't so hard after all. it's just intimidating.

ne way

hope you like the changes and give me comments on what you don't like and like and I can tell you to shove it in your ear or else make the suggested changes.
p.s. what is holding up the hats? (hehe... boners are funny)

My Headers and Footers... (I made them myself)

Another Review

The Day the Earth Stood Still.

This is a Good Movie.
Old... and therefore somewhat cliche' and cheesy but very good. I am very impressed with it.

This is where the Post for Platu, Verada, Nictu came from. They say those words to stop a Giant Humaniod Robot from attacking them. I felt that it was good to have those words on my site just in case...

NE way...

you should be seeing some changes to my site coming up here shortly. I am learning about the HTML stuff and FTP stuff and have made new headers and things like that for my site that I am just working out the kinks to putting them on this site.

NE way

love and light

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's a comercial but it's really trippy

Cool Videos > Underground
Check it out

Some things on my mind.

I am what is wrong with the world.

If you read this and see yourself in this situation too then I hope you do something to change as well.

I sat here for a minute getting a little mad at my co-worker because I thought that he was the problem. But it turns out that I am just as much to blame as him.

I see a problem with the worlds dependancy on oil. I see a problem with MY dependency on oil, and as of yet I have done very little to solve this problem or even to do my part. I can front and tell you that I don't own a vehicle so that I don't use Gasoline, but I get a ride to and from work every day from my brother and his truck. I can say that I use less plastic because I use a Mug for my water and drinks and reuse it, but I use products from the store that use far too much packaging and throw away so much stuff that it is ridiculous.

I don't want to be too hard on myself because there is always the reason that being 100% green is very costly. But then I have to be real. I don't put the demand on the companies that is necesary to make the supply cheaper. I haven't written the Car manufacturers to ask them to give us better fuel economy cars and fuel alternative cars. I also haven't stopped buying food items that have excessive packaging.

Well there you go... I am the reason that the enviroment is collapsing. I can't blame big buisness, I can't blame the Government, and I can't blame my co-worker who has a different opinion than me. I believe strongly in the let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I am not without sin.

So what am I going to do about it.

I am going to e-mail Greenpeace and ask them for tips on how to make my home Green. If they can't then I am going to do the research myself. I will then share my findings with you all here. I know that only like 12 people read this and then maybe not even on a regular basis, but it makes me feel better to share what I learn. Then I am going to do alot of research on Fuel efficient cars and the like, and what I can do to help.
NE way

that was on my mind.

speaking of activism...

Have you heard of Mayor Rocky Andersen. He is the Mayor for Salt Lake City Utah. He has never been my mayor as I have never lived in Salt Lake City, but he is one of the biggest draws for me to that city. It seems like everytime I am in Utah I hear of some of the great things that he has been doing and I love it. Like for example right now he is standing for Gay Rights. Read this article on the Salt Lake Tribune.

Ok so I have to paste this direct quote from his State of the State Address becasue he is sooo cool...

One group that has been consistently marginalized in our city, as in
much of the rest of the world, is the gay and lesbian community. Hateful
prejudice, generated by a lack of acquaintance, understanding, and
consequent fear, has rendered gays and lesbians second-class citizens in
many respects. Many people appear to think that the innate sexual
orientation of gays and lesbians should preclude them from full participation
in social and political life. Society's treatment of gays and lesbians has made
life tragically difficult and painful for them, and has too often deprived our
community of the valuable perspectives and resources they offer.

So he has become a Hero of mine today... yeah!

NE way...

These are things that were on my mind.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

BYU is funny cause ...

BYU is crazy
I just went to their annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Festivities Yesterday and I felt that it was kindof a joke. I mean I had fun don't get me wrong. But that fun had nothing to do with their events.

first of all they said on the Website that the March was supposed to start @ 5:30pm. Great I will be there. Not so however. The march actually started somewhere around 6pm - 6:15pm. (BYU has a punctuality problem) then when it was finished they had a program that lasted around an hour and a half and they really needed someone Gay there to give them some help. Ok that is unfair but they really needed some help. They need to learn that they should practice before performing anything. The Choir was awful, again, Practice. The people giving the intro for the speakers were awful, again, PRACTICE! I mean I don't know if I can take someone getting up and fumbling the words on Martin Luther King Jr.s Biography and then say oh yeah and he did some other stuff... WHAT? And the sad thing is that he was the President of the Black Student Union.

NE way...

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
or as they like to call it in Utah Civil Rights Day!

My people are winners... YEAH!

I have to give a shout out to my people. I mean they are the people who if they are in a movie then I must go and see said movie or get it on my Netflix Que imediately. Even if I don't think that the movie is particularly interesting then I still go see it to support my people.

Philip Seymore Hoffman is definately one of my people. He is such an amazing character Actor. He just adds such an amazing element to every movie that he has ever been in and to recieve Best Actor is amazing for him. I can't wait to see Capote (I know it has been out for almost 3 months and I haven't seen it yet but I will)

Sir Anthony Hopkins is definately one of my people. Congrats on the Cecil B. Demile Award.

You probably saw him in Bend it Like Beckham, and if you didn't then shame on you, you should see it imediately. I don't have Television so I can't watch Elvis with him in it. But I probably wouldn't watch it even if I did, (he isn't my person quite yet, he is just gorgeous)

Ok.. Ok.. he didn't win any awards, but he is sooo pretty. What would the world be like withour Jonny Depp.

Pretend there is an Image of Reese Witherspoon here (I can't seem to get hers to work)

Reese Witherspoon is soso pretty. And she really deserves this award. Love her.

And Ang Lee wins for Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture and Best Director... Yeah!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ok... so people are looking at my site now... I have no Idea how they found it.

So this is fun...
I saw this on a blog I just recently got involved with (it sounds like an affair)

what does your Song list say about you.

Here is the top ten most played songs on my Windows Media Player.

Blackbird The Beatles
Human Behavior Bjork
Presure David Bowie
The Shining Badly Drawn Boy
Uninvited Alanis Morrisette
I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
ColorBlind Counting Crows
Beautiful Christina Aguilera
Keep Ya Head Up 2pac
Bittersweet Symphony The Verve ? (Is that who sang this? Damn Pirated music)

Some surprising results, I didn't expect to see 2pac up there. A little embarassed about the Christina Aguilera, but then again I really like that song. Gloria Gaynor... wow!!

No Indie music that no one has ever heard of, but I guess that is par for course since I am pretty much a trendy guy. Well... it's not that I am totally trendy, its' just that I am so eclectic, especially in music, that I can never dig too deep to get some of that music that no one has heard of. It usually is what is most played that I hear and start to like.

Well there you have it.

So leave me a comment of your most played music list, it could be fun, oh you 43 people who have come to my site recently.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

You have got to see this

mr dlb style