Monday, May 08, 2006

God! I need to start following Soccer!


When I was a Kid...

When I was a Kid, I thought that Smoke Stacks made clouds.

When I was a Kid, I hid in the Tube slide to get out of 3rd grade.

When I was a Kid, I wandered around the playground most of the time never really ploaying with anyone.

When I was a Kid, I loved to Dress up in my mothers clothing and especially her high heels (she had some killer wooden ones from the 60's that would be so hot right now) and dress like "Girls" until my father put a stop to it when I was about 9.

When I was a Kid, I was a perfect little mormon boy that did everything by the letter of the law (except school) and everyone thought I was the cutest little angel... Suckers!

When I was a Kid, I had 2 best friends and we called ourselves the Three Muskateers, even though I had no Idea what that meant. We tended to be bullies to other kids and even threw rocks at one and hit him in the head.

When I was a Kid, I used to be so bored with my friends when they insisted that we played war with their GI Joes, I just wanted to play the game we played the other night when we mooned cars passing by.

When I was a Kid, I made up a game using the Nerf Basketball games in my friends room where if you missed a shot then you got a spanking, if you missed 2 then you got a spanking without pants, if you missed 3 then you got a front spanking. Unfortunately his mom walked in when I was giving the first front spanking and broke things up. That was the most trouble I had ever been in in my life. My mother gave me the silent treatment and my father spanked me so hard and so long that I stopped crying and my mother had to pull him out of the room.

When I was a Kid, I did a paper route on the back of my fathers motorcycle and my mother was driving.

When I was a Kid, My friends and I decided to wade the river in the back of my friends house to kill carp. My friend was convinced that the Mayors wife had told him to do it and we just played along, but none of us could actually kill anything so we just strolled down the stream with big sticks jabbing at things every once in a while to put on a good show of things.

When I was a Kid, I used to eat the little weeds that we called cheesits that looked like little rolls of cheese. I always said that I liked them because everyone else liked them, but I hated them.

When I was a Kid, I loved to sing and often was involved in Solo performances that were in school and also in church.

When I was a Kid, my father was nicknamed the Bear because he worked nights and so we couldn't be loud or he would wake up and get mad and yell at us all, also we covered the windows of his room so it could stay dark during the day so his room looked like a cave.

When I was a Kid, I knew that if I could get my mom to laugh then I wouldn't be in trouble anymore. And one day I wouldn't pick up my toys in the back yard or something equally mundane and worthless to do as a 7 year old that she got mad and I mouthed off. She started in with her routine of "That wasn't called for" and so I shaped my hand into a phone and said ring ring... now it's called for. She laughed and couldn't punish me, but she stopped saying that from then on.

Ne way...

Just thought it was a fun idea to share these types of things on here...

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