Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wow !!! I just learned that I have a reader.

Well I am here @ Omega Land again. And surprise surprise I actually have a reader. Someone here that I know and love dearly actually reads this thing and said that she was disapointed that I stoped writing in it.

Well I gues that means that I will have to keep on trudging along with it. hehe... I mean it kindof is a hassle here @ Omega Land because I have to come to the Cafe' for internet access. I tried the, write it in word and then transfer when I have internet access last year, and that lasted all of about 2 weeks. So I might have to make this a once a week thing and see how I do. I will put it in my callander on my computer and hopefully I will have enough reminder for that.

Last night we were talking about some of our goals for this season. I actually started the conversation, but came up very lacking when it was time to list the goals, luckily the question never got back around to me.

So now I think that I need to start thinking about some good goals for this year.

So far this is what I have come up with...

1. Be more social, go to events and stop going to bed after 10pm because that is when all the real fun stuff happens.
2. Do Yoga 3 times a week.
3. Leave Work at work. Learn how to stop complaining when at home about work, because it feels that I spend too much time doing that and then I am still "working".
4. Be more open to the possibility to love in my future. I know that this one is vague, but last time I said that I wanted a BF and that went right down the toilet.
5. Get back involved in comunity events so that I feel that I am growing again, like the classes for staff and the such.
6. Keep in touch with everyone not at Omega. I suck at this one and so I would like to at least give an e-mail a week

ne way...

I will keep this updated and add more as I think of them.

It is always a little risky putting these up here because other people then feel like they can keep me to my goals, which then makes me less likely to want to do them because I am not doing them for anyone else I am doing them for me.

ne way...
it's Saturday and my day off so I want to get away from this and go play.

mr dlb style