Saturday, March 26, 2005

I am stunned (and also don't know if I can spell)

I am absolutely stunned when I hear that people read my blog.

And so for the three of you that I know of... thanks

One of you gave me a good tip off about my Advertisements. Thanks! Once again I fail to read the details and could have gotten myself into trouble.

sorry I haven't been in touch. I have been at the mercy of the Wireless being down in the Cafe'. I do have two blogs saved to my computer that I will be post posting. hehe...

Things are good. I am loving my days off. in the pre season of Omega we all get weekends off so I got to sleep in today and just relax all day today. Which is good because tomorrow will be a hard day. Tomorrow is moving day. Yep tomorrow I have to be out of the room that I have been living in for preseason and into my room that I have been waiting for. It's small I know but I have a Porch and a bathroom that I only have to share with one other person. And it's split into 3 different rooms, a toilet room, a Shower room and a sink room. Yipee!

It is also Easter. A small detail I normally forget until someone reminds me about it. but this year I am actually excited for it. I am sooo happy to see Jesus from different eyes. Even if I am a little apprehensive that there might be a little hate involved. Omega is Celebrating a Holiday. And it happens to be a Christian Holiday. We are having a feast, and then watching Jesus Christ Super Star. I think that it will be fun to share in a holiday with this Community. We usually skip them. I don't want anyone here to ruin it either. there are alot of crazies that are attracted to Omega (Hi my name is Daniel) but I don't like it when they use their own crazy ideas to ruin it for everyone else. Alot of people have chosen to be hurt very badly by Christianity. Now Christianity gives them every opportunity to make that choice I realize, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a choice. and I have a personal relationship with Jesus. I don't necisarily consider him my christ but I find his teachings remarkable in their accuracy and love. I don't want people to say things about him that I don't find to be true. Maybe that is closed minded but that is how I feel right now. Either side For or against Jesus, I just don't want to hear it. So I am a little apprehensive to celebrate a holiday with him being the key figure. and I have heard things about that movie I don't know if I like. But its a movie and I usually watch those, even if I know I am going to hate it. But I think it might be ok. I mean our numbers are still few and most of the people that live here are alot like me. Ecclectic in our Spirituality, and mostly about love and peace, not necisarily about deity or Guru. and the others I don't know? well we will see. I don't see any signs of too crazy yet. (I mean barking while you do the dishes is a normal response, right?)

NE way...

another Jesus Centered Event up. and in this corner...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My neck hurts

I don't know why but for the last couple of months I will get a neck ache... like a stiff neck... but it doesn't happen when I wake up like normal stiff necks. It only happens at night.

weird huh

I need insurance soon.

I think that I will look into insurance and see if I can afford the bloody rip off.

You know that is the buisness that will bring Armigeddon.

NE way...

I need sleep so this is going to be a short Blog... sorry

love and light

Monday, March 21, 2005

google thinks I am a troubled teen

I wrote the script to have those advertisements on my blog.

ok so I cut and pasted them.



Sunday, March 20, 2005

Damn Computer

Yesterday I poured my soul into this computer… I basically had this worlds problems all figured out and was about to post them so you all could see just how brilliant I actually am. See seventh grade English teacher, I can think for myself. I had it all down, from the war to personal crisis. I had an answer for everything. It was at least 3 pages long. Who knew that the answers were so concise? I could have won a Nobel peace prize, or at least an Emmy, (I hear they are giving those away for some weird stuff recently). However, right when I was spellchecking and getting ready to post, my computer decided to do something Illegal. It decided it needed to terminate the program. (My Computer has morals I have yet to understand). Lost. All of it gone… forever… No peace prize… not even any smart person credibility… All in the Illusion called yesterday

Well I cried. And cried and then cried some more. I couldn’t look at my computer for a long while after that. How could it betray me in this hour of greatness? I mean I could have been a Rock Star. But there is no accounting for Morals, I mean look at conservatism these days. They use them as Ballistic Missiles. (Pre-emptive Strike).

But now I am almost glad that it did use its guiding light and destroy my work. Maybe the worlds problems weren’t meant to be solved in a day. Maybe things were meant to be this way. I mean I didn’t come all this way to earth for some bird course on Enlightenment. I came here to learn and have a great fucking journey while I am at it.

I always say that I am a journey person… when I read a book I almost never want it to be over… I read very slowly on purpose. I want the story to last forever and always be immersed in it. So when it is finished I get sad. Of coarse I like the fact that I have completed something. I have accomplished something, but then I am sad because it’s over. It will never be the same.

I guess that I am starting to realize that I like life that way too. And maybe that is why we are here on this little planet is to have a Journey. Maybe we are all Gods. Maybe we are all like Q on Star Trek, (And don’t act all elitist bull crap like “I didn’t watch star trek, I don’t know who that is”.) And that we were bored of just being all powerful. And so we decided to create games for ourselves. And we made rules, and said that we had to follow them and interact with people and this was one of those games. And in this Game we are supposed to …....... fill in the blank for your story. And so maybe the finish line isn’t really a finish line at all. Maybe we aren’t here to “learn” anything, or “Do” anything. We are just supposed to be. That is what we wanted and so that is what we are doing. I mean when it comes right down to it… we are the most powerful beings that we have encountered so far. We have the power to do whatever we want. Our thoughts create our reality. And right now the reality that we have created is that we are here in this time. So maybe we ought to enjoy the journey instead of searching for the end.

NE way

That is what I am going to do… at least for today… until it gets boring…

Tomorrow I might change my mind entirely.
mr dlb style